Build Your Dream

Autumn 2012

Blackwood Park has revealed a new television campaign titled ‘Build Your Dream’ with two new advertisements now screening across commercial television stations in Adelaide.


Both advertisements, filmed on site at Blackwood Park, are focused around the aspirations of couples and families seeking to build their dream home and showcase the lush greenery and quality of life that living in Blackwood Park provides.

One advertisement features a couple enjoying a twilight setting in Blackwood Park by candlelight. 300 paper lanterns and eight-hour tea light candles were utilised to get the perfect glow. One of the challenging roles for the on-site art department was ensuring that the candles all remained lit for the duration of the shoot!

Another advertisement features a family of four arriving at Blackwood Park and laying out the plan for their dream home with a range of household and personal items. Unique items featured included food, children’s toys, kitchen utensils, musical instruments and even the family pet. Props for this production were sourced from local auctions, antique shops and retailers, with a number being donated to charity after filming took place.

The beauty of Blackwood Park is that you too can stand on your ideal allotment, start imagining how your dream home will look, and design your new home to perfectly suit your aspirations and lifestyle.

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