Building a home always starts with a dream, the desire to create a living space all your own. And once you’ve found your piece of earth, ideas begin to take shape – the expansive floorplan, the smooth sandstone render, the perfectly spaced pantry shelves. Then you sit back and marvel as your dream comes to life, in harmony with the surroundings, a built form celebrating the air, the land and the light. Your dream. Your home. Your space.

Since 1998 when the first homes were built here, Blackwood Park has become synonymous with the highest building standards. A comprehensive set of Design Guidelines and Encumbrances have been put in place and are managed to protect your residential estate and ensure that all who build around you have the same commitment to maintaining the high standards set by Blackwood Park. And rather than limit your possibilities, these comprehensive standards will guide you, your architect and your builder, ensuring careful planning and clever, imaginative designs that integrate contemporary materials and striking aesthetics with nature’s existing beauty. As far as designing and building a home in this part of the world goes, ‘getting there’ really is half the fun. Your lifestyle will remain as you want it.

Blackwood Park has appointed an Encumbrance Manager to provide guidance with and interpretation of the Design Guidelines, as well as ensure compliance. The Encumbrance Manager is available to provide advice on how to take greater advantage of your sites opportunities and to help you address any matters in the Design Guidelines. Click here for the contact details for the Encumbrance Manager.

The large blocks and varied contours offer abundant inspiration and fascinating opportunities for imaginative design. Not to mention commanding treetop views. But we also have smaller courtyard blocks and areas for double-storeyed townhouses. After all, when surrounded by 400 hectares of parklands, everyone’s got a big backyard.



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