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Spring 2018

If your phone goes flat or your watch stops working, you can now head to the corner of Blackwood Park Boulevard and Symon Crescent to find out the time.

A stunning, giant sun dial has been constructed adjacent the new Treetop Park. Not only does it look amazing, but it can give you the time whenever the sun is shining.

The beautiful timepiece is 2.4 metres in diameter and is the brainchild of Jeff Fulford at Iguana Creative, who says the sun dial is a mix of contemporary and ancient technology.

Jeff has used the exact latitude and longitude of the site and aligned due south to give an accurate time reading for Australian Central Standard Time with the help of a time correction graph alongside the sun dial (you’ll also need to add an hour during daylight saving).

“I wanted to create something different and non-traditional, and that is both unique and contemporary,” Jeff says.

“It has a transparency through it that lightens the look and frames the view down the hill.”

The sun dial is made from both stainless steel and corten steel, which creates the rusted appearance.

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