New Display Homes

Autumn 2012

The first new display homes in Node 2 of Blackwood Park are now open to the public.

Medallion Homes, Scott Salisbury Homes and Rendition Homes have made the move to the new display village with stunning new designs and high quality construction, while Marshall Thompson display home openings are imminent.

Robert Coulls from Brock Urban Projects says the new display homes have surpassed what was on offer in the Node 1 display village.

“There’s no doubt the display home builders have stepped it up a notch compared with the Node 1 display village.  I think the ‘wow’ factor of the new designs combined with the high quality finish will catch people’s attention and inspire potential purchasers to build their dream home,” Mr Coulls says.

“Already we’re seeing a contrast in styles, from grand residences of yesteryear to dramatic contemporary designs.”

Access to the display village is via Fergusson Avenue, which connects with Grand Boulevard. Several more display homes are expected to open in spring, with most to be completed by the end of the year.

The Blackwood Park Sales and Information Centre has moved to a new temporary home in Node 2, directly adjacent the car park on Dawbiney Ave in the centre of the display village, while the new centre is being constructed.

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