Find Your Own Space

Spring 2012

Building a dream home is an aspiration held by many people and it’s one of the key things that attracts many residents to Blackwood Park – together with our spacious and peaceful natural setting.

Blackwood Park has a great mix of property owners – first home buyers, young and established families and empty nesters among them.

Some have moved from other nearby hills areas, others from the suburbs, inner city dwellers and even interstate and overseas. Some have built before, but for many others this has been their first ever building experience.

Overwhelmingly, the main reason that residents give for making the decision to build is that they can choose what they want. They can get a home that accommodates exactly their family lifestyle and needs, personal tastes and they can express their own style.

Blackwood Park purchasers have overwhelmingly said that, when weighing up whether to buy an established home on a small allotment close to the city or build on a larger allotment, space is a key consideration in their decision.

Being able to choose a home design with extra space inside, and being surrounded by nearby parks and reserves, convinced many Blackwood Park buyers to build their own home.

Building your own home means you can have things the way you want them. You don’t have to “make do”, “settle” or modify someone else’s design or tastes.

There is great satisfaction in planting a garden or selecting décor colours and knowing that you are doing it for yourself and your family.

Once you move in, you can stay long enough in one place to get the benefit of your work.

Blackwood Park residents truly feel their home is their castle and they build homes they want to spend time in with family and friends. They are proud to show visitors around the great setting in which they live, with loads of green space and an abundance of wildlife.

Building your own home takes thinking and planning, but the customised outcome is well worth the time and energy.

With a collection of Adelaide’s best builders on display and a mixture of allotments, Blackwood Park provides ideas and inspiration to help procure your dream home.

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