Spring 2012

Pre-release gives you more time to dream

In recent years, Blackwood Park has generally released allotments for sale once roads and essential services are all complete.

However, occasionally the premium nature of a land release and strong advanced interest from potential purchasers has tipped the balance in favour of offering allotments before civil works have commenced – as is the case with the current Fisher Precinct.

Blackwood Park’s most recent ‘pre-release’ has been well received by consumers, gauging by the number of ‘solds’ and ‘holds’.

Adelaide Development Company General Manager Ian Marker says while the marketplace is used to the idea of buying property off the plan, the company was interested to see if consumers would be interested in a land pre-sale.

“For some buyers, the opportunity to purchase ahead of the completion of roads and other civil infrastructure has distinct advantages,” Mr Marker says.

“For example, it usually means an extended settlement period – in this case up to six months – which gives you more time to dream about your new home ideas.

“It also means not only do you get to lock in your land at today’s prices, you also have plenty of time to work on your plans with your chosen builder and be ready to build immediately after settlement, getting you into your dream home sooner.”


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