A Walk In The Woods

Autumn 2013

Blackwood Park has long been known as having the perfect mix of urban living in a rural setting. Now it has a series of walking and bike trails to prove it.

As a result of a 175 hectare expansion of the neighbouring Sturt Gorge Recreation Park, a dozen new trails have been created on the doorstep of Blackwood Park, with several of the paths an extension of existing parks and reserves within the estate. Blackwood Park has also published a trail map to ensure you know which is the best trail to take (and so you don’t get lost!). The map outlines the length and features of each trail, and includes fun activities you can do along the way.

For families with younger children looking for less walking and more playing, there’s also a map of parks and reserves in and around the Estate and a list of activities in each. You could hold a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the woods, look for tadpoles in the lake or complete the wildlife spotter’s checklist.
You can pick up a copy of the Blackwood Park Trails map from the Sales & Information Centre on Dawbiney Avenue within the new display village, or download the map here.

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