Infinity Display Home

Autumn 2013

Infinity offers endless possibilities

When you walk into the new Infinity display home by Alan Sheppard Constructions, you’ll be impressed with the modern floor plan, four metre high ceilings, innovative features and attention to detail on all finishings. And yet Alan Sheppard is more than happy to tailor the floor plans and specifications to meet individual requirements.

The four bedroom, four bathroom residence beautifully blends home comforts with commercial design elements.  Features include Alucobond fascias and eaves, LED strip lighting, glass resin tiles, timber veneer elements, outdoor fireplace, a diamond-shaped pool and an automatic glass sliding door.

It also provides all of the spaces you might expect of a home of this quality, such as a home theatre, cellar, butler’s pantry, alfresco entertaining and outdoor kitchen. The use of water features such as in the delightful courtyard adjacent the main bedroom help to transform this home into a private oasis.

Another new and highly effective feature is the high windows made possible by the four metre ceilings, which both let in natural light and provide views of nearby tree tops. To prove its versatility, the home utilises a moderately sloping block to its advantage, creating views across the valley even from the ground floor.

The Infinity is now on display in the new Blackwood Park display village at 7 Dawbiney Avenue, or go to

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