National Broadband Network

Autumn 2013

NBN now available for new homes

Blackwood Park is one of the first new estates in South Australia to receive the National Broadband Network (NBN) as part of its Australia-wide rollout.

Thanks to the development, the rest of Craigburn Farm is currently scheduled by NBNCo to be one of the earlier suburbs in Adelaide to be able to receive access to the NBN as part of its Australia-wide rollout in approximately two to three years’ time.

But if you can’t wait, all new homes built in the Fisher, Shelter, Watts Terrace or any future precincts of Blackwood Park will now have immediate access to the NBN.

The NBN will provide superfast broadband speeds that are much greater than what many people experience on ADSL today.

This will reduce download times for content with high bandwidth requirements such as television programs or movies, and help unlock new opportunities for home business, education, teleworking and online health.

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