Adam Internet demonstrates high-speed NBN

Summer 2014

Thanks to Adam Internet, Blackwood Park’s new Sales and Information Centre will be showcasing a live demonstration of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Adam Internet will be providing a free high-speed wi-fi hotspot at the Sales and Information Centre, allowing all visitors to see for themselves how quickly you can download movies, surf the internet or watch online video content when connected to the NBN.

Blackwood Park is one of the first estates in South Australia to be ‘NBN Ready’, with new allotments in the Estate having access to speeds significantly greater than what many people experience on ADSL today.

This will significantly reduce download times for content with high bandwidth requirements such as television programs or movies, and unlock new opportunities for areas such as home business, education and e-health.

For over 25 years Adam Internet has been providing high quality internet services to South Australian residents and businesses, making it one of the leading internet service providers in Australia. Being a local, Adam Internet will make it easy for you to connect to high speed broadband at Blackwood Park.

To see the NBN in action, visit the Sales and Information Centre in Dawbiney Ave.

For more information about how Adam Internet can connect you to high speed broadband visit or phone (08) 7070 8300.


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