New Sales Centre Showcases Design Excellence

Autumn 2014

Blackwood Park’s new Sales and Information Centre is already generating plenty of discussion among builders and home buyers due to its modern design and clever use of space.

Adelaide Development Company CEO, Ian Marker, says visitors are very interested in how the building fits in with its natural landscape, in particular complementing two significant trees on the site.

“Visitors also comment on the use of natural construction materials and letting in of sunlight to create a relaxed, airy environment,” Mr Marker says.

“I would imagine there are several aspects of this home that could be tailored to new building designs within the estate.”

The Sales and Information Centre also features a live demonstration of the National Broadband Network (NBN) thanks to Adam Internet.

Visitors can use the free high-speed wi-fi hotspot to see for themselves how quickly you can download movies, surf the Internet or watch online video content. Blackwood Park is one of the first estates in South Australia to be ‘NBN Ready’.

Designer Adrian Riggs from Scott Salisbury Homes says the intent was to create spaces balanced between complex detail, natural materials and modern fitout to produce a feeling throughout the dwelling that is casual and relaxed.

“The building outline is woven between two mature trees located at the front of the property and an easement at the rear,” Mr Riggs says.

“I connected the trees and the structure via the curved ramp entrance, which guides the occupants between the tree canopies to create a journey that could be a reflection of walking through Blackwood Park before it was developed.”

“Raw and textured materials create ruggedness to the look of the dwelling which further strengthens

the connection between the building and the rural Australiana inspired landscape design.”

“Elements of modern luxury on the interior are introduced via sleek joinery lines and some gloss materials making this dwelling a mix of rural modern design and comfortable stylish living.”

Located at 11 Dawbiney Avenue within the new display village, the centre has been specially designed to function as a sales centre, before ultimately becoming a wonderful family home.

For more information on Blackwood Park’s new Sales and Information Centre, click here.


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